Know who your customer is and how to target that customer.

Define the problem you are solving and how it differs from the competition. 

Learn the size of the total market opportunity and which market segment to launch with.

Understand your revenue opportunities and expenses. Build a plan that leads to profitability.

The Customer

Who is your customer?

Knowing your customer will lead to a product that delivers the right value and provide positive results.

  • Assumptions are misleading
  • Use surveys, interviews, and data from ads
  • Find your persona (ideal customer profile)
  • Know your demographics and psychographics

The Product

Problem and Solution

  • Define the problem you are solving
  • Present a clear solution
  • Understand the value your customer seeks and your product delivers.
  • Differentiate your product from competitors

The Market

Market Size

  • Know total market size
  • Understand market segments
  • Select beachhead market
  • Determine how much revenue you can make from your beachhead 

Market Expansion

Knowing your beachhead market is getting your foot in the door. This is not the final stop of your customer reach. Understand other possible market segments and plan a strategy as you begin to grow and expand.

The Plan

Revenue and Expenses

  • Discover revenue opportunities
  • Know your expenses
  • Project your growth plan
  • Think lean

Go To Market

  • Build awareness
  • Target the right audience
  • Maintain brand consistency
  • Work on conversions
  • Create loyalty


cotton works logo

Miguel and I were colleagues at Calvin Klein. We kept in touch and started to have more frequent conversations which led to him becoming a consultant for my start up, Nicestuff Clothing. I believe this really began with Miguel first and foremost believing in the concept as he would not engage as a consultant in something he doesn’t believe in. Miguel took an immediate “partnership” commitment and has helped me solidify the value propositions and more importantly, make sure they are being represented and “heard’ in everything we do.  I am extremely happy that we are working together again and extremely happy with the results of this work together.


Founder, Nicestuff Clothing

 We have an incredible organization that offers anti-racism training workshops. What we did not have was a website that clearly described what we did, our values, our mission and the classes that we offer. 

 When we hired Miguel, he took us through the process of figuring out what should be on a website.  He even helped us articulate our mission and vision. Over the course of a month, we learned more about what we did than we knew before we started working with Miguel. He was meticulous about alignment, consistency, and the look/design. Couldn’t be more happy!


Founder, RISE for Racial Justice