Say good bye to flat sketches and hello to increased productivity and creativity. 

3D product development shortens calendar lead times and saves in development and marketing costs.

Consumer Goods have evolved from physical to digital to virtual. Virtual goods are more than a digital image, they are a service that provides an enhanced experience to the consumer in virtual environments.

Fashion takes a leap out of materiality into true expression of self.

Virtual fashion becomes a new revenue stream as customers now choose between buying the physical or virtual apparel item.

3D Product Development

Gain Digital Advantage


  • Shorten Product Development Lead Times
  • Develop New Styles Faster
  • Reduce Redundancy in Tech Pack Creation
  • Build to Diverse Body Types
  • Shorten Calendar
Reduce Costs

Impact the Bottom Line

  • Reduce Quantity of Protos Ordered
  • Reduce Quantity of Sales Samples
  • Save on Sample Yardage
  • Save on Shipping of Protos and Samples
Make More Productive Decisions

Marketing and Merchandising

  • Reduce on Photography and Retouching Marketing Expenses
  • Show More Product Views
  • Test with Customers Earlier
  • Merchandise Earlier
  • Respond to Demand Faster
  • Layout Digital Floorplans

Virtual Goods

Same But Not the Same

More Than a Product

  • Virtual Goods are a Service
  • Value is in Enhancing Customer Experience Online
  • Expand Customer Reach
  • Control Brand Experience¬†
A New Revenue Stream

Think Differently

  • A New Revenue Stream
  • Fashion as a Download
  • Digital Twins
  • Higher Margin
  • The Virtual Economy

Virtual Fashion

New Limits to Explore

Defy Gravity

  • Redefine the Meaning of Apparel
  • Motion / Animation / Effects
  • Material or Immaterial
  • Creativity Unlocked
Economic Equalizer

Virtual Fashion Brands

  • Startup Costs for a New Brand Minimal
  • Accessible to a Broader Pool of Talent
  • More Opportunity for Designers
  • Beyond Global
  • Sustainable Fashion
Made to Measure

Digital Couture

  • Customized Experiences
  • Personal Wardrobes
  • NFT/Exclusive Tracking
  • Virtual Luxury
  • No Production Limitations

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