Afore After

AFORE AFTER was founded on circularity.

By working in a more responsible, less wasteful, and circular system, the founder wanted to build a brand that valued the full life cycle of apparel. Through our in-depth conversations, we discussed how sustainability was not only about raw materials and product life cycle, but also about how apparel companies were managed and consumer behaviors.

For this project, the founder launched a new dress concept and wanted to promote it by showcasing diversity and inclusiveness through her marketing images. As a small startup in Ireland, resources and model talent were limited. We decided to supplement a traditional photoshoot with a virtual one thereby eliminating the need for sample making, travel, and shipping costs normally associated with a traditional photoshoot. Together we created virtual personas to showcase her new designs in various environments and illustrated in all available sizes.

By embracing DPC and 3D visualization, Afore After expanded on its vision of circularity and sustainability by reducing carbon emissions and waste associated with traditional marketing practices.

3D Visualization

Custom Avatar Models

  • Inclusive
  • Diverse
  • Illustrate All Size Ranges
  • Brand Customizable
Endless Opportunities

Virtual Locations

  • Reduce Travel Budget
  • Reduce Physical Logistics
  • Eliminate Shipping
  • No Weather Constraints
Agile Marketing Calendar

Marketing Imagery

  • Faster Turnaround for Marketing Assets
  • Immediate Use on e-Com and SM
  • Consumer Feedback
  • Testing Opportunities

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